Jack Harlow has been recognized by the city of Louisville after being awarded a day in his honor. The hometown hero shared a framed notice from Louisville mayor Greg Fischer announcing that the city will observe Dec. 18, 2021, as “Jack Harlow Day.”

Jack took to his Instagram to share the notice from Louisville Mayor on Tuesday. The letter declared that the state of Louisville wanted to pay tribute to Jack for his contribution. The rapper’s ability to give back to his hometown was the main theme of the notice.

“For answering, once and for all, that what’s poppin’ is Louisville when it comes to talent that makes it bigger than big, but doesn’t forget the “home” in hometown or homegrown. The rapper’s way with words and beats has earned him untold fans, chart-topping releases, and an ability to give back in meaningful ways, and he does.”

In other news, Jack Harlow recently teamed up with KFC parent company Yum! Brands in Kentucky. They raised $250,000 for the American Red Cross to assist with Kentucky tornado relief efforts.

“Growing up I always dreamed of being the biggest artist to come from Kentucky,” he wrote. “Now I’m teaming up with @KFC, the biggest brand to come out of Kentucky. For the next year, we’re gonna do some big things together.”

He’s bluegrass through and through.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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