Drake is arguably America’s biggest musical artist today. From having the most album sales to loyal fans, he has it all. Drake has been working out, and he is very open about flaunting it. The rapper shared a series of images from a recent beach vacation, including several shots of him shirtless and flaunting his abs, pecs, back, and arms.

It can be seen that Drake is completely ripped, with a sculpted back and front. Mr. Graham seemed to have been hard at work at the gym, which he emphasized by standing with his arms raised on a full-body training machine. He captioned the photo pointing at the hard work.

The reward for hard work is more work…kno dat

There’s no news on where or when the images were taken. It’s safe to assume they were taken during his New Year’s vacation to St. Barts, where he was partying to celebrate the holiday. He’s surrounded by a group of pals who are clearly keeping up with Drake. Or is it possible that he’s keeping up with them?

Drake has made it a habit to visit the Caribbean in recent years. Only last summer, he was in Barbados, where he flaunted his figure, as well as the tattoos adorning it. In the OVO universe, it appears that 2022 is off to a terrific start and here’s to more life, big fellow!

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