BTS is the arguably the biggest boyband to ever grace the Earth. They have made big waves all around the globe with their amazing music, charming personalities and humble behavior. Now BTS’ fans, ARMYs, have something to cheer up about.

Big Hit Music has confirmed that K-pop band BTS members RM and Jin have tested negative for Covid-19. The news comes just a day after Suga had made full recovery from Covid-19. This comes as a great news to the fans who were worried about their health and praying for their recovery.

Taking to Weverse, Big Hit Music issued a statement confirming their negative results. They revealed that RM showed no symptoms during his recovery, while Jin had a slight fever when he was diagnosed with Covid-19. Here is the full statement by Big Hit Music:

“We would like to inform you that BTS members RM and Jin have made full recoveries from COVID-19 and his quarantine has concluded as of today at noon, January 4. RM and Jin who had been receiving treatment from home for the past ten days from Saturday, December 25 are now able to return to their daily activities. Neither member exhibited any particular symptoms during their quarantine. Jin had a slight fever when he first began treatment at home but has since made a full recovery. We would like to thank all fans who have shown concerns for the artist’s health as well as those in the medical field who are doing their best to overcome COVID-19. We will continue to place the health of the artists as our top priority and to vigilantly follow the healthcare guidelines.”

The members first tested positive for coronavirus in late December and subsequently entered quarantine. RM and Suga were tested shortly after they returned from their trip to the US. Jin was diagnosed with Covid-19 a few weeks after his return.

After having an amazing 2021, the band is looking forward to more amazing things to come their way. Being nominated for the Grammys and winning Awards on AMAs and Billboard were just a proof of their world dominance. BTS members are now taking a break after a hectic and fruitful year to recharge themselves for 2022.

ARMYs all around the globe would be delighted and relieved to receive the news of them testing negative for covid-19. Being the older members of their group, RM, Jin and Suga are like father figures to both the group and fans. Their recovery news will do good for numerous people around the world who look up to them.

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