Biggie Smalls’ death sent shockwaves through the hip-hop world as the West vs East Coast rivalry claimed a huge life. Years later, his killer has never been brought to justice, but it’s hard to keep a secret on the streets for long.

Former Death Row Records artist Danny Boy recently discussed Biggie’s horrifying murder in 1997. He shared some details that are quite interesting to hear all this time later.

Danny Boy sat down with The Art of Dialogue where he shed some light on the suspected triggerman, Poochie, and the general atmosphere around him. A man like Poochie already had a reputation.

Wardell “Poochie” Fouse was a Blood gang member and Suge Knight’s associate. Mob James is one of many who claim Poochie was the man who shot Biggie. Poochie will never share his side of the story, because he was murdered in 2003.

The show’s host asked Danny about Poochie, who people claim to be the real killer. Danny acknowledged that he heard that in the distant past, “It was kinda eerie when Poochie came around. He looked like that man.”

Danny then shared his thoughts whether he thinks Poochie is a killer. According to him, Poochie was definitely a killer and with no doubt in his mind Danny said, despite his short stature he looked like someone who shouldn’t be mess with. While he didn’t 100% confirm that Poochie actually murdered Biggie, he did admit he fit the profile.

When asked if he talked to Poochie, Danny Boy said they would always talk but Poochie wasn’t his favorite. He added, despite Poochie being one of his “homies”, he was not comfortable with Poochie around. You can check out the full interview below.

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