America’s Next Top Model’s Tyra Banks was dragged over a old clip of the show. Fans are now calling her out over her psychotic behavior and that caused her name to trend.

It’s still very early in the year and supermodel Tyra Banks pulled everyone’s attention once again, but for all the wrong reasons. The former host of America’s Next Top Model was blasted over an old video of the show.

A clip of an old episode started making the rounds on Twitter. In the video, Tyra can been talking to model Joslyn Pennywell. She sings her praises of her resilience and strength and seemingly hints that she survived the round.

However, Tyra turned around and crushed Joslyn spirit as she revealed that she was eliminated while fellow contestant Elina Ivanova was going ahead of Joslyn. The clip ends with Joslyn having a visible breakdown on Camera.

The video was shared on Twitter. The original poster tweeted, “ANTM is a psychological thriller.”

The sentiment was soon echoed by many fans of the show. She was slammed for poorly treating the black contestant and called her “evil” for such mind games. Another user suggested, “Tyra needs to rot for this. That was SO MESSED UP”.

Tyra has yet to response to the backlash she’s facing. It seems fans won’t let her off easy this time. A twitter user remarked, “This is sadistic. Tyra must be brought up on charges,” While another even pitched the idea of a documentary called “Surviving Tyra Banks”

You can check out an assortment of responses below.

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