Hilary Duff is a caring mother, but one recent oversight captured a big focus. Her kid wasn’t strapped down while riding in the back of a car with her mother’s former costar. That sparked outrage over what many consider to be a hazardous trip. Hilary is now facing backlash for letting the three year old in an unsafe car ride.

Banks Bair, three years old, was featured in a video released by actress Molly Bernard, who played alongside HD in the show “Younger” a few years ago. Bernard reportedly took Hilary’s kid for the day for some sort of playdate.

Fans immediately saw a problem. Banks was seated in the back of a car with no evident car seat or restraints on her. The 3-point harness is seen behind her in the footage, however it is reserved for older children and adults.

The legislation in California concerning car seats is rather straightforward. Any child under the age of two must be in a car seat, preferably a rear-facing one, until they are either 40 pounds or 40 inches taller. Since Banks is a three, the rear-facing component would not apply.

Banks is still under the age of eight and isn’t tall enough, so she would need to be restrained in a belt-positioning booster seat or car seat, which isn’t present in the video. As a result, Hilary is facing backlash. Molly, too, but most people are mom-shaming Hilary for permitting such a dangerous practice with her own child.

Thankfully, everything seemed to have worked out well, as Molly shared further photographs of Banks from their time together. Still, it’s a good reminder for the future.

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