It may be the holidays, but there is no vacation for Real Housewives drama. There has been an escalation in Kelly Dodd‘s recent beef with Bravo. It seems like the RHOC star has been fined a hefty sum due to the ongoing matters.

Kelly Dodd revealed that Bravo fined her $16,000 for wearing the “Drunk Wives Matter” hat at her bridal shower and posting about it on social media. Dodd’s 2020 bridal shower was controversial due to certain valid reasons. One of them were not maintaining the covid protocols.

During the latest episode of David Yontef’s “Behind The Velvet Rope” podcast she came out with these interesting revelations. Husband Rick Levanthal backed her by saying that Dodd didn’t even wear it on RHOC.

“I got fined for wearing a ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ hat, and I didn’t even buy it, It was given to me – and I didn’t wear it on the show. It was at my bridal shower, and I got dinged for that.”

Dodd stood by her social media share and doubled down. According to her Bravo would not give her the specifics of why she was fined. Leventhal even pointed out that Dodd was the “most racially diverse” person on RHOC and this might be an unjust behavior towards her.

This summer, Bravo announced that Dodd had been fired from RHOC after five seasons. Lately there has also been some friction between Dodd and Andy Cohen. Defending the covid-19 allegations Levanthal said he and Dodd have pushed back against shutdowns and mask-wearing from the moment Covid hit the United States.

Since the grounds of the given fine are yet to be disclosed we cannot say for sure what’s the reason behind such a huge fine. Whether it’s as obvious as the hat thing or something more will be found out in the coming days.

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Anirban Biswas

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