Kanye West recently found himself in the middle of an IG beef and it does not look pretty. The rapper was earlier found partying with Instagram model Yasmine Lopez, which inevitably sparked dating rumors. However, the speculations were proven false and Yasmine is now accusing Kanye of sleeping with a YouTuber.

The drama began when Michaela Mendez, a YouTuber took to her Instagram page to accuse Yasmine of betraying her. Mendez publicly addressed her beef and said that she walked in on Yasmine, naked on the bed, with her man. Yasmine didn’t hold back either, as she is now claiming that it was Michaela who slept with Ye.

Mendez went on, further airing her grievances following the alleged infidelity. “This chick is sick in the head,” she said. “You knew I was just pregnant with his baby and you deliberately disrespected my relationship by being thirsty. When I walked in he had his back turned and you were begging for attention. How does it feel that he didn’t wanna fck your loose c?” she continued, aggressively verbally attacking Lopez.

“I never cheated,” she insisted. “Yasmine is throwing out false narratives to justify her forcing herself on my boyfriend. She literally told me yesterday that I deserve better and now told me she was always attracted to me. Now I realize even more she always wanted to be me… From linking with my ex-fiance to now me talking into you on the bed playing with your cat.”

Mendez then seemingly threatened Lopez, adding, “I have videos of things you don’t want out so be very careful. Your baby dad hit me up saying how foul you are. Go home to your son. You’re going to hell frfr. God doesn’t reward ugly.”

In another post, Mendez said that she would leak videos of Lopez on Discord saying all the men in the industry she’s f*cked. Mendez concluded her rant by saying, “Instead of running away, you could have apologized for throwing yourself at my boyfriend. I literally confided in you during my pregnancy, snake ass hoe.”

It didn’t take long for Lopez to clap back with her side of the story. “I never even respond to ignorance, but this right here has got to be the most cap story ever,” she began. “These people are delusional. I went to my best friend’s birthday celebration then hopped on the plane back to my son. First, y’all say I’m f*cking with Kanye, now this. The internet is undefeated.”

In her next story, the influencer turns the conversation back towards Mendez, alleging that she slept with the Kanye. “I wasn’t even gonna say nothing, but sis, didn’t you go fck Kanye at the post oak, now you are crying about [an] 18-year-old little boy, talking about that’s your man? And have the nerve to say I fck with him? LMFAO BEAT IT.”

“All that Kanye shit was NOT me,” Lopez’s post reads. “That’s why sis really mad. She threw that LIL old cat and didn’t get the recognition she wanted. Here you go baby! Pop yo shiii.” She then shared a picture of the man who Mendez was referring to her in her initial post, who she allegedly found in bed with her former friend.

“Sis damn near 30 online crying about a little boy who just turned 17. Tryna say I fcked her man? Sis goneeee head. You should’ve run with the Kanye story you goofy [clown]. Now you out here looking like a pedophile,” Lopez wrote over the photo. “Idk who that LIL BOY fck but it ain’t me. Not even on my worst day.”

She then informed readers that she’s “a woman who likes to be kept, not a sugar momma or auntie. Lopez continued by saying, “I’d be mad too. I understand you just had an abortion last week, f*cked Kanye last night just to get sent back to cry on IG. But sis please don’t attach my name to this. It’s delusional and sick in the head. I hope you get the clout [you] want and it puts some coins in your pocket.”

As she finished spilling the tea Lopez shared that Mendez had just asked her to make videos for OnlyFans together. “Hoe you a fan!!!!” she told the model. “Talking about I be playing with you. NAH you] played yourself. Y’all go follow her,Make sure you like and comment. She ended her rant by saying,” I hope Ye sends his hit squad after you. If you disappear we know it wasn’t an accident.”

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