Halle Berry is a powerful actress who has portrayed herself in strong roles. It turns out she’s quite an actress in real life as well. It looks like her acting skills are being put to good use for fooling fellow celebs on Instagram.

Berry fooled some of her famous friends after joking about getting married to her boyfriend Van Hunt. Berry’s recent Instagram update showed a photo which made it seem like she and Hunt had just taken a walk down the aisle. She later cleared that it was all a joke.

The photos seemed too legit to be taken otherwise and it looks like even Dwayne Johnson fell for it. “Congrats you two! Beautiful!!!” The Rock wrote in a comment.

The place was magical in itself that even pushed he agenda of them getting married. They stood in front of a curving A-shaped window looking out on gorgeous green clear water, beaches dotted with palm trees and thatched huts, while mist covered mountains loomed even farther away.


In the second image in her post revealed that she was just joking, as she captioned a cute close-up of her and Van with ‘It’s 2022!’ She originally added the hashtag ‘#Gotcha,’ but later edited it out of her post at some point. This made it even harder for people to realize that it was a joke.

Octavia Spencer, Tia Mowry, Meagan Good, Lesley-Ann Brandt etc. were among the celebrities who got fooled by her posts. Everyone showered their love for the couple not knowing that it was a joke. We can only imagine their faces after coming to find out about the whole joke.

We all know Halle Berry quite a history when it comes to marriages. If she eventually decides to tie up with current boyfriend Van Hunt, it would be her fourth time down the aisle. We can only wish for their happy marriage in the future.

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