Elmo is perhaps the most iconic Muppet from Sesame Street and a huge part of everyone’s childhood. Therefore, it is very natural for a lot of people to be concerned about the Red Muppet’s well-being.

So when Elmo’s official Twitter handle posted a picture of him looking haggard, people rushed in to make jokes about it or show their concern.

Well, Tactless Ogre, Elmo is probably not the only with those blues, most of us are right there with him.

The popular Sesame Street character sent out a photo of himself on New Year’s Eve. He looked very tired, and he didn’t think that he was going to make it. That haggard photo caused a slew of unexpected reactions.

Elmo is really sleepy. Elmo doesn’t think Elmo is going to make it to midnight. #HappyNewYear everybody!

Fans of Elmo came forth in large numbers to request a health update on him. Some fans had a unique, but rather scandalous solution to his problem. Other fans’ theory is perhaps the most unsettling.

It was quite an amusing subject matter, to say the least. It also got 2022 off to a great start for so many. Twitter is still undefeated.

Why do you think Elmo looks so haggard? Tell us your best theories in the comments below!

Darshan Sheth

Darshan is a media professional who likes to create things - be it a news piece, a creative graphic or a short film, he’ll do anything and everything that demands creativity. Darshan has been working as a news provider and content creator for Ringside News and eventually Thirsty for News for years. Darshan likes to play video games, watch some anime and play sports and do pretty much anything that gives him a sense of adventure.

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