Last month, Rick Ross walked out in the middle of his interview with 85 Comedy Show. Comedian Corey Holcomb has something to say about that.

Rick Ross took over social media last month when he walked out of his interview. He slyly made an exit after telling the host of the 85 South Comedy Show that he was going to use the restroom.

The clip soon went viral, which left fans wondering and confused as to why Maybach Music Group boss chose to walk out of the podcast. It seems Corey Holcomb may have a justification for Rick’s behavior.

Although, there isn’t much behind Holcomb’s theory. Holcomb believes, Ross left DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean once he “realized ain’t none of these n***as gay.”

Holcomb also shared his thoughts over the the viral clip during the 5150 show. Darlene Ortiz broke down the 85 South Comedy Show host’s side of the story. However, Holcomb was caught off guard and started detailing his theory on Ross’s sexuality.

“That boy showed up at the 85 South Show and realized ain’t none of these n***as gay. He was around all heterosexual n***as. Don’t nobody say that. N***a, we know what it is, n***a. Y’all mothafuckas get mad at me, n***a. Let me tell you somethin’. If  Rick Ross watchin’ this, let me tell you somethin’ — stop hiring drivers. Drivers always tell on you, n***a. I know what happened at LAX with that boy.” 

Holcomb also advised Rick to stop hiring drivers. He claimed he picked up this chatter from his driver and knows exactly what went down in LAX. Ortiz quickly tried to shift the conversation, he added  “That’s not the thought of everybody on this show.”

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Shubham Banerjee

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