50 Cent Known for his impact on the hip-hop industry. MF DOOM was the enigmatic rapper known for his impossible-to-follow rhyme schemes and trademark mask, Doom was the RAP G.O.A.T, but unfortunately fans lost the star on 31 October 2020. In the midst of a one-year death announcement, 50 Cent defeated MF DOOM in a rap debate.

This is bound to stir up some controversy among hip-hop fans, less than a year after learning of MF DOOM’s death, the internet has determined that 50 Cent is well, greater.

Fans may have noticed DOOM trending on Saturday, which is mostly due to the fact that it was 365 days since the world learned that the enigmatic MC who was legendary in the underground scene throughout the 2000s had tragically passed dead on Halloween 2020, according to his widow.

That wasn’t the only reason people were talking about him. Other Twitter users appear to be disputing who is the greater artist between MFD and the one and only Fif. Then someone posted a rap G.O.A.T. tournament bracket and inquired who would win.

The OG poster of the bracket/poll says, “First hot take of the year: In terms of greatness: 50 cent > MF Doom.” They posted in response to the people who disagreed with this.

The reactions were a bit of a mixed bag, with a lot of polarisation. On the one hand, some refuse to believe that 50 Cent is the greater rapper of the two, claiming that DOOM is far superior as a lyricist, rhymer, beat selector, and all-around creative when compared bar for bar.

There will be lots of controversies that who is greater. What do you think 50 Cent or MF DOOM? Let us know in the comments section. To know more stay tuned to The Thirsty For News.

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