Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson needs no introduction when it comes to the pro wrestling world as he is still regarded as one of the all-time greats. He is also a dominant force in Hollywood and brings huge star power to any film he acts in. The Rock has millions of admirers hanging on his every word and each social media post needs to be on point because of that.

The Rock is also a businessman and a very intelligent one at that. He also loves keeping himself in the best physical shape possible. A father-daughter relationship is unlike any other on the earth. When it comes to taking care of their little kid, even the toughest men in the world can be reduced to puddles. Even the most famous people are not immune to this special link.

Johnson wishes his 286 million Instagram followers a happy new year in his most recent Instagram post. He claims that another year has passed us by, but that a new one awaits us, and that we should seize the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest. He is highly bullish about 2022 and believes that we will turn the turnaround in that year.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎊🥳 to you and your families and a @teremana toast to MAKIN’ IT COUNT ☑️🥃Every step
Every move
Every action
Every word
Every handshake
Every kiss 😘🤣

Let’s turn the corner and make it count….

Bring on 2022

L.F.G. 🌍
dj 🥃👊🏾


In 2022, the Brahma Bull believes that our comebacks will be stronger and our bounce backs will be better. He is very optimistic that this will happen. Finally, The Rock raises a Teramana toast to everyone throughout the world to make it count.

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