Big30, a protégé of Moneybagg Yo’s N-Less Entertainment, appears to have picked up on the Wockesha rapper’s entrepreneurial spirit. Big30 flossed the multi-million dollar gross earnings he has managed to rake in since becoming a mainstream rapper in 2019.

In a series of Instagram stories that began circulating on Friday December 31, the Memphis rapper flexed his multi-million dollar gross earnings. He continued to tick off his vast list of successes, which included Big30’s diverse company portfolio.

“I ran up two million in two years off telling my life story and I got more power then I got money and that’s something some you niggas can’t buy. Youngest in charge. I have been through more shit then a 99 year old though.”

He also mentioned the fact that he has seven cars, five of which are paid for [Pink slip shawty]. He plans to buy his third 18-wheeler and he owns land FYTB. He is also looking after entire families. He claimed to look after other people’s families as well as his own.

He is just 21 and his birthday isn’t till the end of the month. He boasted claiming that: “I just do not post my entire life and every action I take on the internet. I’m not like these other scumbags; I’m not going to show my hand.” Big30 concluded his rage with a few fiery words for his opps, declaring that his hustle is unrivalled, despite the haters’ comments.

While Big30 mentioned a few of his achievements in his diatribe, he left out a slew of successes in 2021, including a deal with Interscope Records and the release of his debut album King Of Killbranch, which charted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

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