Kim Kardashian, 41, found enormous success with her shapewear company SKIMS since its introduction in 2018. It is continually expanding and introducing new and interesting goods for consumers over the last four years. She recently dipped her toes into the realm of luxury by collaborating with Fendi, but the reality star now appears to be suffering backlash for some of her items on the internet.

A disgruntled TikTok user requested that Kim should be open about the size she wears in SKIMS clothing. The user calls out the mother of four for the “troubling” sizing of the thongs she received as a holiday gift. The user even asks Kardashian to be more upfront about what size she wears in her own SKIMS pieces in a video that’s gone viral.

“Now, Kim… Kim Kardashian, we’re gonna need to have a fu*king conversation, because I got SKIMS for Christmas, and let me just show you what I got. And let me talk about the sizing. Because the sizing is what’s really troubling me. This is the Core Control Solutionwear, and this – this is a LARGE/EXTRA LARGE.”

The user claimed that the fabric does not stretch, even pulling it to demonstrate her point. She couldn’t get this past her thighs. “It’s crazy to me because the Kardashians are like, “You guys bought your bodies, right?” You know what I’m saying, it’s like you bought that a** and those t*tties, so you know DAMN well this ain’t going to work.”

This isn’t the first time the California native has experienced flak over SKIMS in recent months. Trolls were quick to point out how similar she looked to “Love On Top” singer Beyoncé in some of her new campaign photos just a few days ago.

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