Johnny Knoxville started the New Year in a unique way. The Jackass veteran might be the first official entrant in the WWE Royal Rumble match this year. He revealed that he will compete in the Royal Rumble bout in 2022.

This looks to be a promotional crossover for Jackass Forever, the impending Jackass feature. It will be published on February 4th, only one week after the 2022 Royal Rumble in St. Louis, which takes place on January 29th.

“Happy New Year’s Day and love to everyone. I have a big announcement that I have been dying to get off of my chest. I spent a lot of times over the holiday thinking about how I wanted to start off my 2022, and I decided I want to do it kicking ass and taking names. And the best way to do that I feel is making a run for the Rumble, that’s right @WWE’s Royal Rumble. Training starts today, not that I will need a lot of it because I have seen the WWE’s current roster and it’s laughable to think anyone can throw me over the top rope. LAUGHABLE! I will be channeling my wrestling heroes like @therock, Abdullah the Butcher and the great Gorilla Monsoon. The way I’m looking at it I am giving myself a %100 chance of winning. What chance do you think I have? Sincerely, Johnny Knoxville, World Champ #roadtowrestlemania #royalrumble #wwe #jackassforever”

Knoxville, along with “Jackass” cast members Chris Pontius, Dave England, Zach Holmes, Jeff Tremaine, and Jasper, appeared in a backstage segment with Riddle and Randy Orton on the December 10 broadcast of WWE SmackDown.

Knoxville isn’t the first celebrity to compete in a Royal Rumble bout. That “distinction” would belong to WWE Celebrity Hall of Famer Drew Carey, who made a brief appearance in the 2001 Rumble battle before escaping Kane.

Knoxville is well-known for taking silly bumps on “Jackass,” and that hasn’t changed as he’s gotten older, with “Jackass Forever” scheduled to enter cinemas on February 4.

Knoxville’s revelation is already being promoted on FOX’s WWE-related social media accounts, indicating that this is not a New Year’s joke. Beginning at 7 p.m. ET on Saturday, January 1, Fightful will have live coverage of WWE Day 1. The current lineup for the event may be seen by clicking here.

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