Adele is having a lucky New Year. The greatest celebrity property sale of the year is perhaps taking place in Beverly Hills as Sly Stallone’s massive estate is changing hands.

According to TMZ, Adele is set to become the owner of Sylvester Stallone’s amazing mansion and she’s getting it at a Bargain.

Adele is in escrow for Sly’s big property. It is located within Beverly Park, a super-exclusive, gated enclave teeming with celebrities. Adele is paying $58 million for the property.

Yes, that is a large sum of money, but it was advertised for $80 million. In fact, Sly initially listed it for $110 million in February, but no one responded. Many real estate professionals consider the $58 million asking price for this mansion to be “an amazing steal,” as one source put it.

Adele currently owns two homes in the Hidden Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles. She wished for a larger house, which she now possesses. She has also previously indicated that she resides in Los Angeles because London real estate is too pricey. Well, $58 million isn’t exactly pennies.

Sly and his family have relocated to Palm Beach, Florida, where they acquired a magnificent property for $35 million, as previously revealed by TMZ. That house has a living area of 13,200 square feet, seven bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, and all the bells and whistles.

Sly acquired the house in the 1990s, and he and others called it “The Rocky House.” Adele now has possession of the house. Perhaps Adele’s residence will bring her good fortune in 2022.

Shivangini Rawat

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