Nardo Wick is swiftly becoming one of rap’s popular artists. Now his fans are taking fire at him due to his statement. Nardo Wick responded to the backlash after comments about encouraging fans to commit robbery that many aren’t buying.

Wick responded to backlash following comments about the robbery. The rapper claimed that robbing people produced more money than working. He stressed that he was referring to his history, not his current beliefs.

Nardo Wick returned with an explanation after a piece of his conversation with Big Facts Podcast went viral. Nardo complained in the video about his lack of ambition to get a stable job because he was making more money on the streets. “If I go rob a n*gga and receive this much, why would I go to work?” He said. Wick chose to respond after receiving blowback for his words, despite the fact that it doesn’t appear to be causing a stir.

“Im not tryna influence nobody to go rob nobody, they asked a question about MY PAST and I answered it,” the rapper said. “That’s what I was doing when I was 15-16 years old, A product of my environment. My mama had just came home from prison and it was a hard time for us and we ain’t have nothing. I would never tell or try to convince a young black man or anyone period to crash out!”

“I changed my life and started taking rapping serious because I knew that I wouldn’t make it if I kept doing what I was doin,” Nardo added. “There is nothing wrong with a job, robbing ain’t cool at all and I ain’t try to make it seem cool I was speaking on past events.” He called his actions “young and dumb” and said he “changed for the better.”

We’ll have to see if this response settles down some of the sentiment on his name. In the meantime, he has 2022 to worry about.

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Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is a law student at Calcutta University. She writes for Thirsty for News, covering world news and entertainment. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

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