The Gilbert Arenas and Kwame Brown beef never seems to simmer down. The two former Washington Wizards teammates are clearly not fond of each other. Brown has always been a target for jokes and insults due to his lack of accomplishments in the game and Arenas just proved that.

Now Mr. “Momma’s Cookin'” himself responded to Gilbert Arenas and his most recent IG post in a YouTube livestream. He clapped back as hard as he could while accusing him of various things. Brown claimed that Arenas basically took millions from him in contracts during their time on the Wizards.

Arenas and Brown only played together for one season in Washington. Arenas even said that Brown was “booed in every city” he played for, which would be very insulting to the very least. He said Brown would make hundreds of excuses during a game due to his lack of skills and talents.

“Them fans nicknamed u ‘boo boo brown’ becuz u played like some sh*t and u want SMOKE with me? 😂😂 not 1 minute of this video is about u off the court 💯 just yo hoe as tendencies on the court,”

However Kwame Brown then decided to take up for himself in a series of social media posts aimed at a few of his former NBA teammates. Brown has made continuous jabs at Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes after being abused online. They have also addressed the smoke which was thrown at them.

In his YouTube video, Brown continued to mock the former NBA All-Star for his slips and faults among other things. He berated Arenas for how he acted as a professional and said that he always did “dumb sh*t” that pissed everybody off. He advised to channel all that negative energy and hate into real problems that would help people and not come at him for stupid reasons.

We will see whether this is the finale of the back and forth between these two. Whatever the situation may be, these two look like they are not going to stop poking each other for a long time.

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Anirban Biswas

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