Hitmaka and DJ Mustard are well-known producers. Producers are going back and forth over catalogs now, not rappers. Hitmaka appears to be confident that he can compete with Mustard on Verzuz, which sparked a back-and-forth. It kept going from there and we might have a full-fledged beef on our hands.

Artists are sensitive about their work. Things became heated in this situation on Twitter after a fan shared a recording of a prior interview where Hitmaka performed with The Joe Budden Podcast. In the video, Hitmaka suggested that in Verzuz combat, he would stand tall against DJ Mustard, and Mustard couldn’t help but react.

“He’s high man lol.”

“No I ain’t. In the last 5 years since last time we worked I’ve sold more records & have more number 1’s than you. Im a light one up tho.”

Mustard couldn’t help himself and responded as well. The debate raged on as Hitmaka proceeded to spar with Twitter users who sought to belittle his accomplishments.

“Lmfao the fact that you believe that shows how high you really are lol,”

“I really got records that’s triple & double platinum & one that’s almost 10 million when bro was like a sophomore in HS he play sum from 2012 I can go there.”

“Whole game talking now u took it viral might as well gone head get ya 20 @mustard I’m the underdog we both get high I know u ain’t ducking… We can put sum personal bread up make it interesting.” 

They both proceeded to pick fights with each other. Meanwhile, Mustard has been making fun of Hitmaka by flaunting his honours and prizes.

Now the subject of who will claim the crown in a Verzuz war emerges. You can watch their furious confrontation in the video embedded below.

Shivangini Rawat

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