Fat joe is getting chewed out over his beard all over social media once again. Fans say his beard looks painted on his face. Obviously, fans will never be kind when they have something critical to say.

Just a few months ago, Fat Joe’s beard caught everyone’s attention during Logal Pual and Floyd Mayweather’s fight. The rapper is trending again because of his beard as people got talking about his new photo where his beard looks painted on as if someone drew it using permanent maker.

Joe shared a picture of himself sitting on a bench, he was rocking his new outfit but what caught everyone’s attention was his beard. It seems as though his chin pulled everybody’s eyes towards it. His beard looked significantly darker than in other photos over the years.

Teirra Whack commented, “Airbrushed beard flow. While Fat Joe’s peers such as Khaled, N.O.R.E and all other left supportive comments for the rapper. However his fans weren’t as kind as they had some harsh remarks.

“Bro, chill with that Crayola” said one person while another added, “Sharpie skills are on point.”  “Just switch the beard Joe before the price go down,” pleaded a fan. Although, Fat Joe hasn’t replied back to any of those comments.

His beard certainly did not go unnoticed as many people took to social media to make their opinion known. It got everyone wondering if his barber painted it on if he did this to himself. You can check out the picture in question below.

What’s your take on this? Sound off in the comments.

Shubham Banerjee

Shubham is a computer science student. His love for technology, gadgets and coding pushed him to pursue a career in this field. Seeing his friends working for thirsty inspired him to write stuff. He loves information , reads about anything and everything and thirsty provided him a way to share this passion for being informed with the world in a mutually beneficial manner His personal interests include photography , exploring all kinds of music and football. Being disappointed with Barcelona's performance in Europe is the only constant in his life.

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