Bow Wow has endured admirably in his development as an artist. But Wow looked to be annoyed by the change and hinted at it on social media. Bow Wow explains why staying monogamous is “tough” for him.

The rapper recently revealed why it’s tough for him to be alone, or stay with just one person. While he admitted to having a “crazy connection” with Angela Simmons, he also stated that he “simply has a type” that he can’t get enough of. Bow Wow doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, so any girls who believe they’ll be able to cuff him will be disappointed.

Bow Wow has been linked to a number of women in the music industry, including Angela Simmons, Ciara, Kiyomi Leslie, Joie Chavis, Erica Mena, Keyshia Cole, and Blac Chyna, and while he came close to marrying one of them, he revealed to The Breakfast Club that he isn’t suited for monogamy.

“I’m not the type of man that goes backward. [Angela Simmons] That’s my dog. I just saw Ang—me and Ang have a, it’s a crazy connection. That’s my dog. Anything she need, whatever she need, she got it.”

Angela may be his soulmate, but Bow admits that he “simply [had] a type.” He went on to say that while Angela “is a fantastic type,” he still enjoys hitting the club scene and going out to party. The hosts of the Breakfast Club wanted to know what kind of women might hold Bow Wow’s interest or perhaps attract him.

“This is gon’ sound crazy, and I know this is … I feel like God has made so many beautiful women, that for me to just be with one person… It’s just tough for me. I have a problem. It’s just hard.”

Bow revealed that he was recently in a club with an anonymous woman who Angela Yee knows and that despite the fact that the woman was the hottest in the room, he couldn’t help but flirt with another woman.

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