Jenelle Evans may not be in the new MTV Teen Mom reunion but she is making sure she’s always in the spotlight. Jenelle has surprised the audience once again. Apparently, the Redditors are calling out Jenelle once again, and this time, it’s because of her poor money management skills.

On December 30, a user published Jenelle saying: “I need to pay my electricity and water before I pay my actual rent” in a Reddit discussion which started off the thread. 

“That’s more important because I can’t get my electricity or my water shut off. I need to have cable and internet. I need my cell phone. My bank account is negative 600. Because me and him needed money so we kept withdrawing money.”

A Redditor said: “Funny thing, even with overdraft protection, it has a limit. The bank may forgive $100 here or there (if they are generous), but they don’t forgive a bunch of cash withdrawals that leave the bank’s coffers in the red. ‘Because me and him needed money so we kept withdrawing money.‘ The disgustingly poor grammar is enough to let me know they can’t handle money if it’s more than 10 bucks. Even then, it’s questionable.”

Another stated: “Gd it, when I was at the worst of my drug use I had a priorities list so this wouldn’t happen. Rent first (included utilities), then food/drugs, gas for my car, etc. I also never went into debt with my dealers and always paid cash. I never sold my things or stole. These two… 🙄”

A third person chimed in: “When I was young and broke, this was absolutely my thought process – and I was sober. Electricity, gas, cable, food then rent. My poor landlords and all my bullshit. I’d love to find them and apologize. That said, I’ve never been late on my mortgage in 15+ years! People can change. Jenelle won’t, but normal people can.”

A commentator pointed out: “I need to pay for gas before they come repo my car. I need to buy all these perishable groceries before I get my fridge fixed.”

The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the picture from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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