Sean Austin and Jade Cline have a lengthy history together. Drug usage and dealing with Jade’s parents, who have their own problems, are among her past experiences. Fans have not always adored this pair on the show, with many pointing out their numerous issues.

Since having their daughter, Jade and Sean Austin have dated on and off several times. For the sake of their kid, the couple tries to make their relationship work, but it never seems to succeed. They are both known for being on Teen Moms. The fans recently revealed on Reddit that they got back together, again.

On December 30, a user published a screenshot showing Jade and Sean “back together” in a Reddit discussion. A Redditor said: “Both the adults in this photo need extensive therapy but will probably never get it. Which is why the child in this photo will require even more extensive therapy. I hate this.”

Another stated: “I just want Jade to take Kloie and move far away! Her family is toxic, Sean is toxic, but she keeps going back and forward between them! I understand its scary to be a single mum, and she wants someone to help her, but neither of these options are any good! Jade could have a much more stable, calm life is she just got away. I dont think Sean would fight her, I’ve never gotten the impression that he cared a whole lot about Kloie, and I do think there is hope for Jade if she got away from the toxicity and had space and peace to grow.”

A third person chimed in: “i hate hate haaaate that she keeps taking him back! girl just be lonely for a while and then find a man that makes you positively glow. they exist, i promise!”

A commentator pointed out: “Tell me you never saw a healthy relationship growing up without telling me you never saw a healthy relationship growing up.”

The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the picture from the discussion.

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