Teddi Mellencamp calls herself an “accountability coach.” During season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Teddi Mellencamp and Denise Richards had a memorable dispute. Teddi said Denise Richards allegedly set Teddi Mellencamp up on RHOBH.

Teddi claimed that Denice has settled her up in RHOBH. When Denise Richards and Teddi Mellencamp were co-stars on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” they feuded on television. Yet, there was evidently a lot more going on behind the scenes.

During a cast trip to Rome for the Bravo reality show’s 10th season, which would be the last for both women Mellencamp notoriously exposed Richards’ alleged encounter with former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville. Richards rejected the allegations. The former pals remain estranged more than two years after the video was filmed.

Richards has her blocked on Instagram over two years after they had a falling out over an RHOBH “storyline,” Mellencamp claimed on a December 2021 episode of her “Two T’s In a Pod” podcast.

Mellencamp said that her relationship with Richards deteriorated after the star of “Wild Things” set her up to look terrible on camera.

Mellencamp stated that she rushed off after Richards blew up at her, and Bravo producers halted filming.

“I was like, ‘I did you a favor!’” Mellencamp said. “We weren’t on camera, I threw all my stuff down and I walked out. Then I said to Garcelle [Beauvais], ‘What she just did there was f***ed up. You better never do that to me. You saw the whole thing go down; you saw her asking me to do it. I don’t play that game.”

Following an RHOBH episode in which Brandi Glanville told Mellencamp that Richards whispered behind her back and accused her of living in her famous father’s shadow, Mellencamp and Richards got into a Twitter feud in July 2020. Mellencamp mocked Richards on Twitter after the program aired, sharing a screenshot of a text message from her rock star father that read, “I know you are busy living in my shadow but… Dennis Richards — never heard of him.”

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