Teddi Mellencamp is best known for appearing in three seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Teddi is opening up about her time as a “Real Housewife”. Teddi Mellencamp reveals the angry text she sent to producers prior to being fired.

Before Teddi was fired, she sent a text message to the producers. The Real housewife revealed the angry text which she sent to the producer before being fired. On the December 24, 2021, episode of the “Two T’s and a Pod” podcast, which she co-hosts with Tamra Judge, the former reality star opened up about her experience near the conclusion of her tenure on the program.

Teddi and Tamra discussed how storylines are produced on the “Housewives” shows with Dave Quinn, author of “Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It.” Teddi noted that the show’s producers rely on the female cast members to keep things moving.

“The truth is, you know, you can love me or you can hate me, but what I was saying was actually what was happening,” Teddi explained.

She went on to allege that she actually texted producers regarding her role on the show and that she was dismissed shortly after. she wanted something different out of the experience, so she sent a text message to producers.

“I’ve trended on Twitter every single week from hate and you aren’t giving me anything else but the negative. Please, I’m doing the work, I’m showing up. I need you to show my life in some other capacity.”

Evidently, that message wasn’t well-received because Teddi was fired from the franchise two weeks later.

“I absolutely had no idea,” Teddi said of her firing. “I do know there was a new show-runner, so there were changes that were being made… When my bestie texted me and he’s like, ‘Hey it’s in the Daily Mail that you got fired,’ I was like, ‘hahaha,’” she added. “Ultimately, the fact that I can have good [friendships] with some of the women shows that… you can live at peace with that,” she said.

Reality television needs drama. It turns out that some of those juicy storylines might be more fiction than reality thanks to producers’ editing tricks. Obviously, the Real Housewives producers didn’t appreciate Teddi calling them out on it.

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