Love her or hate her, Tamra Judge is forever going to be an iconic housewife. Even when it was ugly, Tamra brought the drama and knew what the show needed. Now she has been finally relieved from the burden of a lawsuit she was facing.

According to Radar Online, Tamra Judge has finally hashed out a settlement with Alexis Bellino’s ex-husband Jim as part of the defamation lawsuit he filed against her & Shannon Beador accusing her of ruining his reputation. Shannon’s portion of the lawsuit was dropped in 2019 and she was awarded around $137,000 in lawyer fees. Neither Jim nor Tamra have commented on the settlement at press time.

Back in 2018, James filed suit against Tamra and her former friend Shannon demanding $1 million in damages. He was furious with comments they made about his business and divorce from Alexis during an appearance on comedian Heather McDonald’s podcast Juicy Scoop. The trio had some things to say about Jim. It was those comments which triggered Jim to file the lawsuit.

“I have a theory, Everything, everything’s in [Alexis’] name. He’s going to go to jail. Yeah, he’s a shady motherf****r.” “Do they still have the trampoline parks? Does anyone know?” “No. I heard that they don’t … I heard they don’t because they were sued. I won’t let my kids go because people get paralyzed… apparently, that happens,”

Recently Tamra declined an offer by Heather Dubrow to appear on one episode of the show’s current season. She almost agreed to join but her husband, Eddie Judge, made her change her mind to put the thought off. Tamra recalled, “Actually Eddie [said], he’s like, ‘Don’t do that. You’re full salary for something like this because you know you’re going to get into it with Shannon Beador. Don’t do it.’”

Tamra revealed that after she was no longer on the show, none of her supposed “friends” from the series wanted to associate with her. Finally the long running dispute has been settled and all we have are good news here.

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