Lil Xan made a big splash this year. His Total Xanarchy album, the single ‘Lies’ with Lil Skies did really well. Moreover there were a few headlines about his relationship with Noah Cyrus.

A manager encouraging an artist to take drugs so he could perform better on the stage, sounds familiar? Yes, it sounds exactly the same as what happened to the late Lil Peep. This time however Lil Xan has been a victim of such an abuse and he let it all out in an online video drop.

When he was 18, Lil Xan was prescribed half a milligram of a benzo in order to combat his anxiety. From there, he soon switched to Xanax, and his dosage slowly increased until he was taking around 50 times his initial dose. This time Xan is calling out a former member of his inner circle for allegedly being an enabler.

“Do you guys remember the whole Lil Peep story where his management was giving him drugs and it just wasn’t helping out and all that? Well, that happened to me on tour. My manager’s name is – well I don’t even like to call him my manager anymore – Stat Quo. Remember that name, Stat Quo.”

According to Lil Xan, Stanley “Stat Quo” Benton was responsible for scoring drugs for him no matter where they were performing around the world. He continued by encouraging him to take drugs as a way to uplift and enhance the performance which he was about to give out. He also accused Stat Quo of demanding $30,000 to pay off the remaining cost of a vehicle that Diego no longer has in his possession.

“Because when I was on tour from 2018 to 20, the world tours with Nicki [Minaj] and Juice [WRDLD]. I was a drug addict at the time and my manager supplied me with the drugs .”

Now, it seems Lil Xan has finally turned a corner with his addiction. The rapper uses his platform to educate his fans about the dangers of prescription medication and offers advice and steps to recovery to anyone who struggles with addiction.

Anirban Biswas

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