Latto is an upcoming star in her own right and with that comes overbearing fans who keep a close eye on her every move. With criticism always at an all-time high for the rising artists, looks like Latto is now tired of facing backlash for her old rap name.

Big Latto has been dealing with critics speaking about her old rap name, which happened to be Mulatto, for a long time now. The rapper changed her name in May to quell any anger, but it only made the critic’s voices stronger. However this time, Latto has had enough.

On December 29, Latto took to Twitter after a fan asked the meaning behind her new name. This infuriated the rapper. Instead of telling the fan what her new moniker was short for, Latto asked if people would ever get over her old name.

“Y’all not over this yet. I’ve apologized for it multiple times even tho I didn’t name myself at 8yo,” she added. “I took the blame/accountability, turned over a new leaf & made some positive of it.. all while maintaining my trademarks, LLCs etc w/o branching too far off my established brand.”

Latto’s original name, Mulatto, has serious racial undertones, and fans did not tolerate any bit of that. Mulatto is an offensive term used to refer to people of mixed African and European ancestry. Thankfully, Latto understood why people were so upset and made changes to her name without hesitation.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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