Kay Flock, a Bronx-based rapper, was heralded as the next major star to emerge from New York’s thriving drill scene. There is a reason why his name shows up on so many best-of 2021 drill rap playlists. He thrills his listeners with his distinctive vocal stylings and recordings. Even being behind bars won’t keep Flock from dropping new bars in the rap game.

As the year comes to a close, Kay Flock finds himself in a terrible situation, having been arrested on murder charges earlier this month after allegedly shooting and killing a man outside of a barbershop in Manhattan.

There is a lot of confusion about the situation, especially since any alleged gang affiliation is cloudy when it comes to finding connections. The murdered man’s family also claims that he did not know Kay Flock. Now Flock’s career is in jeopardy, because he lived the life he raps about.

“Being Honest” and “Is Ya Ready” were among the songs that shocked the hip-hop world this year. Kay Flock, for example, appears on Lil Tjay’s song “Not In The Mood.”

While the rapper’s release date approaches, he just connected with one of his buddies to record a brief freestyle from jail, showcasing his fierce flows as the world speculates about his future.

Similarly, Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty, who is presently jailed, released a five-minute freestyle from prison last week. Kay Flock was supposed to have another successful year in 2022, but it’s now uncertain if he’ll be able to continue with his music career at all.

Shivangini Rawat

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