In 1997, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio stole hearts across the globe by bringing an incredible romance to life in the award-winning movie Titanic. Now, many years after the film’s premiere, the affection between the two actors remains strong.

It’s no secret that Kate and Leo have remained good friends throughout their career. However, They were not able to meet again after three years amid this pandemic. The actress was staying in isolation in London and the actor in New York.

Opening up about being able to catch up with her “really close friend” in Los Angeles recently, Kate told The Guardian that their reunion left her in tears. The actress revealed that she turned 21 during the shooting of Titanic, while Leonardo turned 22. More than 25 years later, their connection remains strong.

“I’ve known him for half a life. It’s not like I’m in New York, or he’s in London, and there’s a chance to have dinner or have coffee and talk. We cannot leave our countries. Like many friendships around the world, we miss each other because of COVID-19.”

Titanic was not the only work Kate and Leonardo worked on together. In 2008, the two starred in the feature film Revolutionary Road, which earned Winslet the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Dramatic Film. Offering a sweet insight into their relationship, Kate added: “He’s my friend, my really close friend. We’re bonded for life.”

It’s just magical to see how effortlessly these two get along even after so many years of friendship. In Hollywood, you wouldn’t usually see two pair of friends being in there for long time. We are delighted to see such heartwarming interaction between the BFFs.

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