Kanye West is going through rough patch of time and clearly not many things are going his way. Splitting with wife Kim Kardashian has been on the headlines all over the internet. As reported earlier Kanye bought a new $57.3 million Malibu mansion quite in the vicinity of Kardashian’s vast Hidden Hills estate.

Ye put another $4.5 million on a place that happens to sit directly across the street from their previous home. Following the release of photographs of his new home in Hidden Hills, West is said to be pulling down the house and replacing it with a new one on the same property.

According to People, Kanye paid $4.5 million for the house, which was $421,000 more than the asking price. He desired easier access to his children, who live across the street in a crib. It’s not surprising that this is a teardown project, given that the house doesn’t quite meet Kanye’s minimalistic architecture style.

“Kanye’s new house is a teardown. He only bought it for the location. It’s near Kim and the kids. He has a vision for the house and plans on starting construction ASAP. It’s just simple logistics so that he is close to his children and has access to them at the drop of a hat.”

The 44-year-old music singer also just paid $57.3 million for a property in Malibu, some thirty minutes away. With stone exteriors and bunker-like architecture, the house is considerably more in his style.

The previous owners bought the new property in the Hidden Hills when it was brand new on the market in 1955. Because the 3,600-square-foot house stands on more than an acre of land, there’s no telling how big Kanye’s new mansion will be. This also comes after Ye listed one of his Wyoming ranches on the market for $11 million.

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