Joe Francis has been involved in several controversies throughout his career, including being allegedly charged with tax evasion, bribery, assault, child abuse, and several others. Now he has some heavy accusations targeted towards his ex wife regarding their children.

Joe Francis claimed that his baby mama ‘kidnapped’ their daughters in Mexico. He alleged that she ignored court orders to let him see them. Moreover her lawyer has hit back on recently saying his client has full, temporary custody.

Abbey Wilson posted a picture of their twins with Athena and Alexandria on Thursday. The caption read, “Buenos Dias.” While the picture might seem innocent and straightforward on it’s face but there’s much more to that, at least to Francis.

Francis posted on Instagram on December 25 something that would definitely put his ex-wife in the bad guy perspective.

‘Santa Claus came today all the way from the North Pole’ to deliver gifts for Alexandria and Athena, both 7, but then was ‘so sad when he found out that you were kidnapped and not here at @casaaramara [Casa Aramara resort].’

Abbey’s attorney, Ronald Richards, assured everyone that she was not charged with kidnapping. Irrespective of what other sources said she simply hasn’t disappeared. Richards also claimed it was Joe who was the one who was verbally and physically abusive, and hadn’t paid child support in over a year.

Francis had been arrested in August on domestic violence charges once. He made sure to tag the Casa Aramara resort that he built in the beach town of Punta de Mita, Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta. Amid everything Abbey’s lawyer has been firm with his explanation of the whole situation.

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