Colin Kaepernick has been working on a variety of projects since his release from the NFL. Kaepernick wants to be an advocate, and he has done an excellent job raising funds for underprivileged groups. Colin’s disinterest in the media tour cost him a business agreement.

According to Business Insider, one of Kaepernick’s numerous ventures is the Mission Advancement holding company, which has raised a total of $250 million. Mission Advancement is attempting to acquire The Change Company, a nonprofit devoted to providing banking and lending services to underserved areas.

The condition that Kaepernick was not interested in was having to go on a media tour and speak on camera about the arrangement and how it would benefit certain neighborhoods.

It was not stated why Kaepernick refused to participate in the media appearances. It is reasonable that someone of his stature would be irritated by the incessant obligation to perform PR on behalf of others.

Kaepernick is doing an excellent job helping the underprivileged. He will undoubtedly make a lot from additional agreements in the future. We will continue monitoring Kaepernick’s activities here at Thirsty!

Shivangini Rawat

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