Bachelor Clayton Echard was a favorite of Michelle’s middle school students as well as a romantic match for the charming Minneapolis teacher. Echard is most known for his roles as a contestant on The Bachelorette season 18 and as the star of The Bachelor season 26. Clayton Echard made significant changes, and fans believe it’s for a girl,

During the Bachelor Finale, Clayton Echard teased proposing marriage. Echard has wrapped filming on his season of “The Bachelor,” and he’s already planning a big shift. On the finale, which will most likely air in March 2022, the reality star gave out his final rose and may or may not have gotten down on one knee.

“I did find love. As far as what that looks like, I think that’s where everyone has to tune in and find out. Because I’ll just say it was a wild ride and I did find it.”

Echard announced on Instagram Stories that he was leaving his home state of Missouri and moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Despite the fact that none of the women in his season are from Phoenix, many are wondering if Echard is already plotting his next move.

The reality TV star placed his belongings into his car and drove down to Phoenix, his new home. One person commented about Echard’s move, “His mom said it’s because his brother is moving out for a new job and he’s taking over his brother’s lease. I don’t think it has anything to do with F1 or location-wise. Just a new place and start.”

Clayton used his Instagram Stories on December 28, 2021, to inform his fans that he has put his apartment up for sale. He published a few images and said that he was selling his bachelor pad in its entirety.

Echard didn’t reveal anything how long he has planned to be in Phoenix. Fans are predicting his decision to sell his condo in Missouri means that he’s ready to make a big life change in his life.

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