Jenelle Evans is being slammed for her Christmas morning gifts. Then again, she can’t do much without fans picking her apart at this point.

The 30-year-old reality star shared a new video of her, her husband David Eason, and the kids getting up “so early” for the holiday and ripping right through all the gifts first thing. Wanting to share how she and her family celebrated the holiday.

Jenelle posted a new TikTok video of their early morning wake-up to their new items to their Christmas meal. She wrote in the caption: “#MerryChristmas from our family to yours! We had a great day! #SantaWasHere.”

In the clip, she detailed more about the kind of day they had, which started at four in the morning when Jenelle went to show off their lit-up Christmas tree and all the gifts underneath.

Evans and her Eason put the final touches on all of the presents before the kids opened them. As well as the stocking on a coat rack, in a little bit. By 4:45am, all the kids were all gathered on the carpet floor, diving into their presents. Each of the kids got a close-up as they checked out their new toys.

Jenelle ended the clip by saying “everyone is happy,” but fans didn’t fully agree with that statement. Wondering why they had to start their day at such an intense time when the kids “should still be in bed.” One follower wrote: “4:45 am is a bit much lol”. Another commented: “4 am? Hell nope”. A third said: “Why did you guys wake up at 4am tho”.

After seeing all the comments, Jenelle decided to respond, saying they all got up “cuz Santa was there.” She also added: “Y’all I did NOT want to wake up that early. The kids woke us back up. Some fans didn’t believe her, though, with one saying “there’s no way the kids woke up that early.”

That wasn’t the only issue fans took with what they saw in the TikTok, though. When Jenelle showed off the activewear set David got her, followers noticed it wasn’t just cheetah print but also had “pot leaves” on it.

Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to slam David’s gift for Jenelle, as one wrote: “That cheetah and weed print outfit makes me cringe.” Earlier last week, Jenelle was mocked by fans for the “hilarious” video she recorded with David where she twerked at a gas station while celebrating her 30th birthday.

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