Jenelle Evans and the rumors about her missing bottom teeth began in 2018 when the ex-TV personality claimed that her husband David Eason abused her. Jenelle published a video on YouTube after David was accused of fracturing her jaw, causing her to lose her bottom teeth.

After the accusations started getting thrown her way, Jenelle posted an Instagram story, in which she explained her dental issue

“So you guys don’t think I have teeth at the bottom?” Jenelle asked in the video. “I mean, supposedly I got my teeth knocked out, right? Wrong!” She then continued, “If you’re dying to know, I have a retainer. Why do I have a retainer on my teeth? Because I’m realigning my jaw. So instead of going the plastic surgery route like most people, I’m … not. So now you can stop making fake articles.”

It appears that those issues have not been fixed for the controversial Teen Mom star.

On December 29, a user published a screenshot from Jenelle’s Instagram story in a Reddit discussion. Jenelle was definitely missing a few of her teeth, and the user wanted to shed light on that.

A Redditor said: “Flair checking in. I agree with another user. It looks like she had a tooth filed down in prep for a bridge but it wasn’t placed. However I have a relative with a removable retainer bridge which might be what she has since she is always saying iTs A rEtAiNeR”

Another stated: “Why does she always think we want to watch her eat. Oh and the way she inhales food shows she does not have esophageal spasms. She shovels her food in so fast and barely takes a breath before inhaling the next bite.”

A third person chimed in: “Perhaps this is true and she feels really self conscious about it and doesn’t wish to address it publicly so she is overcompensating by denying it? Just saying.”

A commentator pointed out: “if a situation makes her too uncomfortable to address publicly, then she should just not address it. telling a lie that people can easily disprove right away with public information only draws more attention and commentary.

The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the picture from the discussion.

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