The Real Housewives of Orange County kicked-off its epic Season 16 on December 1. Fans are talking about the drama heating up between the West Coast ladies. At first, Heather Dubrow was getting all the heat for her “threat” but now it looks like Shannon is also getting scrutinized.

Shannon was the recipient of sympathy from many fans after the dinner party incident. So far this season, Dubrow and Beador have been at odds with each other. Dubrow believes that Beador brought up a lawsuit involving her husband, Terry Dubrow, on purpose for the cameras.

The most recent episode showed Shannon apologizing to Heather. Shannon then received a threat from Heather. Kelly Dodd talked about the incident, saying, Shannon’s apology shows that she is afraid of Heather.

Fans think Shannon didn’t handle being in trouble well. “Anybody else sick of the constant Shannon apology your and her lying about what she said? However , It will be interesting to see the Shannon spin on Heather’s promise.” the thread discussing Shannon’s apology said.

She’s literally the worst person at doing damage control. She has a way of just digging herself into an even deeper hole. She doesn’t think nor consider her words & tone before reacting. She does not actually listen. She waits for her turn to talk.” a fan mentioned.I do not know why, but as annoying and delusional and self-absorbed as she is, I cannot stop myself from pulling for Shannon, and I would actually be a little sad if she was no longer on the show.” another fan added.

Many fans seem to agree that Shannon deserves sympathy despite not being too well-equipped at handling controversy. Kelly Dodd also thinks Shannon’s apology is forced. Kelly believes Shannon apologized so that she is not out of show. Keep checking Thirsty for more insights on Real Housewives drama.

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Shifa Jahan

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