Coi Leray and her fellow musician boyfriend, Pressa Get Kissy began dating back in April 2021, according to rumors. The happy pair appeared to be on vacation together, and Lil Kim couldn’t help but comment how cute they are together.

One of the numerous demands of the entertainment industry is adhering to a beauty standard that constantly moves from one trend to the next. As Leray’s reputation continues to rise, she has been harassed by those who like to comment on her shape and weight.

Leray has addressed this issue several times, but it hasn’t stopped her from flaunting her assets. We recently covered the artist twerking while promoting body acceptance, and now she’s back with additional bikini photos with her boyfriend, Pressa.

As they swam together under a waterfall, the joyful pair appeared to be on vacation. Leray posted the video alongside numerous additional photographs from their vacation, including a second kissing photo for admirers. Lil Kim chimed in with a fawning statement about the young rappers in love.

“[Cat heart eyes emojis] I Love this ! U 2!!!! This is so sweet So cute [praying hands emoji][red heart emoji].”

In a previous post, Leray urged the public to focus on issues other than women’s weight and body types in the next year. She asked them not to worry about how natural she is, who her doctor is, if she has curves, cellulite, huge little, round square. “…let’s just make it a goal to share love,” she captioned her bikini twerking photo. Coi Leray has maintained that she is not interested in changing her body for anyone, despite the fact that her small frame has been the focus of much discussion and ridicule.

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