Parvati Shallow is easily one of the most notorious players of the game of Survivor. Thanks to her “Black Widow Brigade” all-girls alliance and a massive blunder by Erik Reichenbach, she was able to win Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs. Favorites. She has played the game four different times in total, so she knows it pretty well.

But apparently, the alum has a few bones to pick with the latest season. In fact, she claims that host/executive producer Jeff Probst is having a bit of an “identity crisis” this year. Along with the new advantages at play, Survivor 41 is indeed setting a new tone for its highly touted “new era.” 

Viewers can play alongside contestants online. Its veteran host is even breaking the fourth wall. He’s also attempting to remove his own bias from the game by cutting out his traditional greeting of “Come on in, guys!”

When asked about the latest season on Rob Has A Podcast, Parvati Shallow had something “controversial” to say. It sounds like the former competitor thinks there’s a lot going on in the new season, maybe even too much.

Some have, in fact, criticized the new updates to Survivor procedure as being kind of obvious in their attempts, considering that there have been calls for diversity and transparency in the past with no real changes until now.

She’s watching Survivor 41 now. But the decorated series alum was firm that she is “never” playing again. “Survivor” returns for season 42 on March 9, 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

Artoria Pendragon

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