An 11-year-old rapper from Shreveport, Louisiana, has released a music video for a song that honors all of his deceased pals. That sentiment alone tugs at many people’s heartstrings. However, if you go closer into Ray Da Yugin’s lyrics for “Miss You,” you’ll find that he hails from a state with the worst homicide rate in the country, as well as being one of the poorest.

As a result, the young artist is uniquely able to provide insight into what it’s like to grow up in a world where many people, including those in the pre-adolescent group, are continuously losing their lives to violence. In reality, the loss of one of his best friends, Xavier Perry, inspired the song “Miss You.” Xavier was a 12-year-old boy who was shot and killed last month.

Ray Da Yugin’s song video’s rawness struck an emotional chord in his neighborhood. It prompted a local news station, KLFY, to seek out to him for an interview, which aired today. The young rapper shared his thoughts and feeling in the interview.

“If people just put the guns down and stopped the violence, people could do more than what they’re already doing.”

Ray Da Yungin, whose real name is Rayvon Webber, was joined on set by his father and manager, Marquis Jackson, for the live interview with KLFY.

His father revealed that they received a flood of letters and DMs from the victims’ families. They are describing how the song has aided them. So, to be able to make a difference with his son while also assisting each other in realizing their aspirations is incredible.

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