Things haven’t been going all that great for the former Washington Redskins. They currently play in the NFL simply as the Washington Football Team, and despite the fact that they’re currently 3rd in the NFC East, things could certainly be going better for them.

In quick succession and in just the last three weeks, they suffered an outbreak of Covid-19, they lost Deshazor Everett to injury, and just last week, they were completely decimated by the Dallas Cowboys – an astonishing 56 to 14 beating that fans are still reeling from today.

It would seem though, that fans aren’t at all the only ones reeling from the loss. Head Coach, Ron Rivera, had a lot to say about their three-game losing streak and the state of his team and what he told them to motivate them. Speaking to the media as a whole.

“Players aren’t robots. They are human and deal with real life issues too…more so than anything else, we’ve got to games left to play, and we’re going to play them to win. That’s just the way it is. I told them (his team), I said, ‘If you play this game long enough, you’re going to get beat like this. It happens. How you respond to it, how you bounce back, how you play, that tells more about who you are than anything else.’”

On how he tried to motivate them, he quite simply said: “We’re going to play them to win.”

Fans are extremely disappointed in the team, which is understandable. The thing in sports is someone has to lose for someone to win, right? The drastic fall of Washington has been made evident in recent weeks though, as has been already stated. Fans are irate, though…very irate, as the video shared below suggests.

The fact that a head coach for an NFL football team is requesting that people back off for the good of his team is commendable but unprecedented. It seems to be coming from the right place, but fans are likely to lament. It’s been happening since the dawn of sports. Of course Washington fans stand behind their team, but it’s clearly been hard as of late.

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