Jenelle Evans, the star of Teen Mom, apparently has no actual ideas for her podcast; so she went to fans for help and they’re dragging her for it.

The former Teen Mom 2 star, mother, and social media influencer connects with fans through The Jenelle Evans Podcast on Apple Podcasts. She recently shared a question about the podcast, which sparked trolls across social media channels.

On her latest Instagram story, she asked a question to her fans. The story features a tree with snowing outside. It solicits feedback from her listeners on what topics she should cover in her upcoming podcast episode.

“What should I talk about in the podcast?”

It immediately sparked a Reddit thread with the title, “As usual, Jenelle has no actual ideas.” A troll came suggesting her discuss what ever happened to all her previous failed business ventures. Another Redditor was interested to know how she got off heroin. Someone else slammed her big time offering a brief history about her lifestyle.

“Leaving your kids home alone, being an alcoholic, everyone hates David, David’s micro penis, being poor after blowing that MTV money and how everyone laughs about it, all the legal problems David and Jenelle have caused themselves, murdered pets, Only Fans coming soon, having no friends”

Like the rest of her business ventures, an user assumed the podcast would also fail. The entire Reddit section is full with wit, sarcasm, and sometimes, vicious trolls. Regardless, this isn’t the first time Jenelle has been chastised by Teen Mom fans. This article includes the complete Reddit discussion as well as some of the most popular comments.

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