Soulja Boy is often seen on Twitter tweeting random things. Soulja recently mentioned watching Naruto in one of his tweets, and in another, he mentioned something about cryptocurrency. In one of his tweets, Big Draco posted an interesting poll for his admirers.

Soulja Boy Tell Em has made it clear that he is the first rapper to accomplish a ton of achievements, from having an iPhone to rocking blonde hair. The rapper jumped on Twitter to ask his followers for their “firsts,” and the replies were fascinating.

The poll received a lot of responses from fans. One of them claimed to be the first to tweet Soulja back from a Waffle House restroom.

“Have a girl bark for them.”

“Rapper in Alabama to have alcohol delivery in Alabama.”

Earlier in December, Soulja stated that he had finally met his equal when Freeway claimed to be the first rapper with a diamond in his beard. While on stage with Big Draco, the “What We Do” rapper released a video flaunting his diamond, and Soulja offered Freeway flowers.

“Soulja, you the first rapper to do everything else, but I’m the first rapper with a diamond in my beard, I’m the first one to do that, boy.”

“I don’t even got no beard, Turn up! He the first. Y’all know what the fuck going on, we on set, man.”

Soulja, despite being the “first” to achieve a lot, recently slammed Stunna 4 Vegas and Lil Yachty through Instagram Live in November. He chastised them for removing his guest verses from their most recent hits. Soulja quickly retracted his statements, writing on his Instagram storey that he, Stunna, and Yachty are all well.

“Me and Stunna 4 Vegas is good, We got on the phone he a real one. Me and Yachty still gotta talk.”

“Me and Yachty all good.”

It must be entertaining for both his supporters and detractors to follow him on Twitter, as his feed is full of interesting tweets. Let’s see what else Soulja has planned for his next tweets.

Shivangini Rawat

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