The Flash is shaping up to be a massive DC event. The return of Ben Affleck as Batman is one of the most anticipated aspects of the film. He’ll be reuniting with Michael Keaton’s Batman, who hasn’t been on film in nearly three decades. According to latest sources, the fate of Ben Affleck in The Flash has been revealed.

Giant Freakin Robot has learned what happens to Ben Affleck’s character in The Flash from a reliable inside source. Anything may happen in the forthcoming film, with two Batmans and the Multiverse at play.

“Our source shared that Ben Affleck’s Batman will die in The Flash. This news is surely going to be a hit to fans of Batfleck. Four months ago, we previously learned that Ben Affleck would not return for any more appearances in the character after The Flash.”

Following that, they learned that the studio was purposely prolonging his scenes in order to give his character a better send-off. Those involved appear to be working hard to ensure that his death scene is as well-done and as final as possible.

DC, as a prominent superhero franchise, must recognize that comic book character deaths are rarely permanent. People who follow The Flash have seen a lot of comic book heroes resurrect. Most people expect Batman to die and then be resurrected mysteriously a few scenes later, if not in a sequel.

The Flash has its work cut out for it in convincing fans that his death is true and that Ben Affleck will not reprise his role as the character. Everything reported above suggests that death is their ultimate goal.

Gunjan Nath

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