Erika Jayne made a style statement on the red carpet at the 2021 Oscars. The Real Housewife was also well prepared for Christmas. Unfortunately, Jayne is being slammed for her latest Christmas Instagram feed.

Jayne is being chastised for her ‘desperate’ sexy Santa post on Instagram. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star posted a shot from a 2017 Paper Magazine photoshoot. and she was dressed as a sultry Santa. Erika looked stunning in a red velvet crop top with long sleeves and a white faux fur accent.

The Real Housewife wore crimson thigh-high stockings which complemented her matching miniskirt. She completed the appearance with a pair of white shoes and diamond jewelry. Included a large, dazzling ring on her pinky finger.

“Merry Christmas. Ya Filthy animals”, she captioned the photo, quoting “Home Alone.” While many fans felt Erika looked stunning in the snapshot, some chastised her for looking “desperate.” Others couldn’t help but notice that the image appeared to have been heavily manipulated.

Erika’s holiday photo drew a lot of attention, which was clearly the goal, but not all of the reaction she received was favorable.

“The filthiest animal of them all,” one commented.

“The only filth is you,” another person added.

“What desperation looks like,” the third one commented.

“Who in the hell is dis? She’s looking like Santa Barbie,” one Redditor wrote.

“She’s 50 and requires more attention than a newborn. Try therapy Erika, private therapy,” another one added.

“Desperate housewives of old county,” someone added.

Many admirers didn’t like Erika’s sexy Santa costume, but they also didn’t like how airbrushed she appeared – and several people commented on it.

“The Facetune made me think my eyeballs were foggy,” one added.

“Holy face tune,” added another.

“She got that early-2000s-vaseline-filter-for-soap-operas glow,” the third commented.

Erika Jayne, “The Erika Jayne character is over-the-top fantasy — it’s more hair and bigger lashes and a bigger mouth and more sparkles. It’s almost a life-sized, living Barbie doll slash superhero.

In order to pull that off, you have to get yourself to think you’re a little bit of a superhero. It’s certainly a character. It’s not something that you want to live and be every day.”

What’s your take on it? Do sound it in the comments.

Muskan Sharma

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