Bryan Christopher Williams, best known by his stage moniker Birdman, has landed himself in yet another squabble. He is accused of skipping out on five month’s worth of rent and that racked up a huge tab. His landlord has demanded that he vacate the premises immediately.

Cycad Management is suing Bryan Williams as Birdman, according to court records acquired by Radar. The music entrepreneur is accused of breaching his contract, according to the lawsuit.

“At present, Defendants are very delinquent — nearly 5 months delinquent in rent — and also owe Plaintiff other monies for cleaning services rendered at the Rental Property at Defendant’s request.”

Cycad is a property management company that works with the owner of a Los Angeles house. According to the lawsuit, Birdman agreed to rent the property on a month-to-month basis for $33k per month.

The house in question is a 7,509-square-foot estate on Bel Air Road with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The property listing reads, “Floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of light into a very spacious living area. This home has hosted many A-listers and celebrities who have all had raving reviews.” Birdman chose not to sign any paperwork with the corporation, so the parties negotiated an oral arrangement. Birdman allegedly stopped paying his rent 5 months ago, according to Cycad.

According to the lawsuit, the corporation sought complete payment, but Birdman ignored their letters. Birdman owes Cycad a total of $141k in overdue rent until December 31, 2021, according to Cycad. He also owes $6,624 for a cleaning charge that was not paid. The total amount sought by the corporation is $147,624. The lawsuit has yet to get a response from Birdman.

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