Polo G felt like catching a Christmas Day game at the newly renamed Crypto.com Arena while in Los Angeles during the holidays. The “Martin & Gina” singer chose the Lakers vs Nets game. Apparently, he paid an insane amount for the tickets.

On Christmas Day, Polo G spent $75,000 on Lakers tickets. This would be an irresponsible and risky way to spend money for many of us. For the Chicago rapper Polo G, it was simply another Saturday. He boasted his ticket haul on Twitter.

“Paid 75k Fa Dem Lakers vs Nets floor Tickets on gang shit was worth it fasurrrreee”

The ultimate price for Polo G’s ticket to Saturday night’s game was over $75,000, which seems absurd to spend on any event when you can acquire a luxury car for that sum. Polo already has a full garage and has indulged his family a lot over the years, so he can afford to spend $75,000 on a three-hour basketball game.

He didn’t want to watch from the stands, instead opting for courtside seats to have the finest view of the action. As you can expect, he paid a good penny to see LeBron and the Cavs take on the Brooklyn Nets.

Polo, on the other hand, was unable to see Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, or Kevin Durant in action. All three players were injured, and the Lakers lost despite two late-game comeback attempts, continuing their losing skid. The rapper did claim, though, that the price of entry was “worth it,” so he was at least entertained.

Would you ever spend this much for an NBA game? Sound off in the comments!

Gunjan Nath

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