N.O.R.E is usually the one giving hip-hop icons their flowers on his Drink Champs podcast. It seems the tradition was reversed as the Queens, NY native was on the receiving end of the praise with Allen Iverson.

On Dec. 26, N.O.R.E was spotted in a video posted on Instagram, embracing basketball legend Allen Iverson outside of the Miami restaurant Carbone. The NBA Hall of Fame player showed him love. and Iverson joked, “Go out there and be cool how you be cool,” referencing N.O.R.E’s line from 2002 film Paid In Full.

N.O.R.E responded in Allen’s gesture by kindness as he persuaded A.I to drop by his podcast, Drink Champs. It seems N.O.R.E and A.I’s link up happened last week as footage of their meeting started doing circles online on Dec. 21.

In the clip, the Drink Champs host can be seen flexing an NBA ring. He said, “That’s a Hall of Fame ring, but whose ring is it?” as he moved the frame up to reveal Allen Iverson standing by his table. He added, “We with A.I. and we not talking about artificial intelligence!”

Given A.I’s legendary status not just in basketball, but within the hip-hop community as well he has been a sought after Drink Champs guest for quite a while. However, he wasn’t the first NBA veteran to make an appearance on Drink Champs, with previous guests including Metta World Peace (f.k.a. Ron Artest), Lamar Odom, Amar’e Stoudemire, Baron Davis and Kenny Anderson.

In July 2020, N.O.R.E. hinted at securing an A.I. episode when he tweeted about a possible link up with A.I in Virginia. However, much like NBA defenses have discovered, Iverson is a slippery character to hold on to. Let’s hope this latest meeting between the pair gets the ball rolling.

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Shubham Banerjee

Shubham Banerjee is a computer science student with a passion for technology, gadgets and coding. He writes for Thirsty for News, sharing his love for information and learning. In his free time, he enjoys photography, music, and football. Though, he is a fan of Barcelona, but he is disappointed with their recent performance.

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