Duck Dynasty’s Rebecca Robertson has just extended her family through the birth of her baby daughter. The baby was born on December 24th, and was the most gracious gift to them on Christmas Eve.

The Duck Dynasty alum spoke to US Weekly, and revealed that she was ecstatic to have another baby in the family. She revealed the baby’s name, and added that she was born weighing at exactly 7 lbs.

It’s a girl, Holland Lo Loflin. Born on Christmas Eve, weighing exactly 7 lbs. She is the most precious Christmas gift!!

Robertson’s started her journey into parenthood in January 2019. She gave birth to her first baby Zane, who is currently 2 years old. Robertson was pregnant once again, but even up having an unfortunate miscarriage.

Rebacca suffered the miscarriage in October 2019. She told her fans on Instagram that while she was excited and wanted to keep it a secret, it wasn’t meant to be. She had woken up in a pool of blood, and a visit to the doctor revealed that she had suffered an early miscarriage.

I actually found out I was pregnant a while back, we were ecstatic because we had planned on growing our family for quite some time now. We kept it a secret so we could surprise our family with this exciting news during the holidays. But when I woke up on October 29th that morning in a pool of blood, I knew something was very wrong. So I went to the doctor, and they told me I had suffered an early miscarriage (when it happens in the first trimester). Fortunately for me it happened so early that I never actually even saw an ultrasound. So I think that made this sad news easier to soak in for us.

The reality TV star told her fans back in July that she was pregnant. The most fascinating fact about that is that the expected date for the baby’s arrival was the Christmas day, from which the actual birth was only one day shy.

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